About Me

This is my very first post! I’m excited! I’ve wanted to create a blog to share my ideas, my dreams, my experience, my travel stories and tips! Simply because I got a lot of help and tips from other blogs for my trips or settling down in new cities, and so on. It would be wonderful if I could connect and interact with you!

There are many different topics I would like to work on, but right now it will be:

  • Travel – I have lived and traveled in different places in Asia and Europe, and would like to share some moments, thoughts, and beautiful photos that I really cherish.
  • Sustainability & Green – My areas of interest include sustainable development and finance, impact investment, energy, climate change, so I would like to keep updated on the issue and share some ideas.

Since I would like to continue this in the long term, I will publish one post a week 🙂

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